9-29-14 and 9-30-14

It’s now almost the end of October, but I feel like I need to wrap up my month of September posts. This will be short and sweet because I have a race to recap!

Monday, 9-29-14

Today Orlando and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary!! Well we did our celebrating during our trip to Fort Ticonderoga.

In the morning I met my friend Mary for coffee and a walk. We strolled around the college for 2.48 miles. Then I hit the gym for some strength training. Later in the day I snuck in a 3 mile run with my friend while our boys were at swimming practice. We made it back in to watch them in their diving class. The afternoons go by so quickly. Once home it was shower, dinner and bedtime for Carlos. I took a short nap before going to work.

Tuesday, 9-30-14

I went to one of my favorite Vinyasa yoga classes at 9am. Then I met my friends Kimm and Kaye for a long overdue coffee date at my favorite coffee shop in town. We chatted for about 3 hours before any of us realized how quickly the time had passed. We took a walk around the college before I had to run and pick up Carlos. It was such a fun, relaxing day. Carlos and I had a couple of hours to spend together before I had to go to bed before work.
That’s it for September! I thought I could blog daily for a month. Ha! Not so much. It’s much harder than I imagined. I don’t know how you do it Biz!


Fort Ticonderoga

I won’t give a history lesson here, but if you are interested in the Revolutionary War time period or have children who are studying it and you don’t live too far I would highly recommend visiting Fort Ticonderoga. It was immensely interesting and very engaging for all ages.

Before I get to the fort let me rewind to the early morning. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run in a new place so I set off on foot to discover a little bit more of Hague, NY. I was expecting a crisp cool fall morning, but the temperature was warming up quickly. The area is very hilly, but beautiful in every direction. I ran back past the Hague Market, along a wooded trail and then up a huge hill where I came across an old cemetery. I stopped at the cemetery and walked around a bit before heading back to the resort. The foliage was so rich and colorful. My run was slow with lots of photo breaks.

After my run I grabbed Carlos to go kayaking. We each had our own kayak and we rowed out away from the dock in silence, Carlos leading the way. Carlos went to a kayak camp this summer for a week. I watched him in awe as he maneuvered the kayak effortlessly over the calm water. He was confident and strong. We didn’t talk much and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the lake and the gorgeous scenery.

I could have stayed out there all day, but we really had to get back to the cabin and get a move on if we wanted to make it to Fort Ticonderoga. After checking out of the resort we returned to Libby’s for breakfast. Then it was time for the main attraction. From the parking lot it doesn’t look like much, but once we passed through the welcome center which houses the gift shop and restaurant you go through a door to be greeted with a spectacular views all around.





We wandered around for about 20 minutes awaiting the next tour. There was a wall with chronological information. You could peruse the cannons on display. The fort was strategically built overlooking the outlet of the La Chute River which connects Lake George to Lake Champlain. This was an important area because it essentially linked New France to New York.

Fort Ticonderoga was built by the French beginning in 1755 and originally called Carillon. The fort changed hands a number of times. In 1759 the British defeated the French there and took control of the fort for the next 16 years. In what is considered the first American victory of the Revolutionary War, Fort Ticonderoga was captured on May 10, 1775 by Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys.

The tour began with a lengthy history by our very intelligent and sarcastically witty tour guide.


Once inside the fort you could roam around checking out the various rooms like the shoe workshop, the tailor’s shop and a bunk room. There was also a museum on the top floor of the building with historical artifacts, weaponry, clothing and paintings.

We were invited to return back outside of the fort to watch a demonstration of muskets being fired.




From there we took a tour of the King’s Garden.

The corn maze adventure was next on our list. It was actually quite easy which worked out great since it was beginning to get very warm out and we were all hungry for lunch. We ate lunch on site and enjoyed the gorgeous views. On our way out we were given directions to Mount Defiance. For a small fee you also received a ticket to drive up Mount Defiance just across the river from Fort Ticonderoga. During colonial times the mountain was deemed too steep to fortify with troops and weaponry despite the major vantage point from the top until finally in July 1977, British General Burgoyne ignored past skepticism and brought his cannons up the mountain forcing the Americans to abandon the forts below.

Once at the base of the mountain I did my best to convince Carlos and Orlando to hike up the mountain. It’s only about a mile up. They reluctantly agreed and complained the entire way up! Wimps!! However, once at the top we were treated to amazing views all around.

We decided to take the nearby ferry across Lake Champlain into Vermont on our way home. The small ferry crosses in only 6 minutes on cables to a dock directly across the lake. You can even buy Vermont maple syrup and a few other goodies on board.

Whew! That’s it for our weekend getaway. I would highly recommend checking out north western Lake George and the Ticonderoga area.

9-26-14 to 9-27-14

Our Trip to Hague, NY and Fort Ticonderoga

Carlos was really interested in the Revolutionary War last year, particularly the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and the involvement of Benedict Arnold. When my friend messaged me the Groupon for admission to the fort and its fall corn maze I knew we had to go. This was supposed to be the weekend to run the Vermont 50 so it was nice to have something to take my mind off of that. Of course as we were driving up to our cabin on Lake George we began to see runners along side of the road. It was dark already and the runners all had the same safety vests on. Finally we came upon an exchange area and I saw that it was the Ragnar Relay Adirondacks which runs 196.2 miles from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid. Of course a wave of envy and excitement came over me and I began to have all kinds of wild ideas about running a relay!

Friday, 9-26-14

We stopped in the bustling town of Saratoga Springs for dinner. The restaurants were jamming and most places had quite a wait time so we ended up at the Circus Cafe. Their menu was very accommodating for a family with a picky 7 year old and a vegan. After dinner we walked around a bit in Saratoga. Orlando and I decided it would be a fun place for the two of us to explore a bit some weekend.

We arrived at the Trout House Village Resort in Hague, NY around 9pm. We checked in and drove over to our cabin. I have always had a penchant for log cabins. We stayed on the first floor in the Montcalm cabin. It was adorable, clean and cozy.

Montcalm Patio

Montcalm Patio

Saturday, 9-27-14

I was ready to explore on Saturday morning. I rallied up the boys and we did a short hike behind the resort. It took about 20 minutes to discover these views…

After the hike we took a short walk into Hague where we were told we might encounter coffee. First we came across a wall dedicated to war veterans from the town of Hague. It goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

Memorial dedicated to Veterans of the Town of Hague

Memorial dedicated to Veterans of the Town of Hague

We found coffee at the Hague Market, but we were also hoping for more of a coffee shop where we could sit and have a bite to eat too.



So we went back to the cabin and drove into Ticonderoga. Thanks to the Yelp app on my phone we discovered Libby’s Bakery. It was a great find. The staff was very friendly. The cafe had just the right touches of quaint and classic without looking old and outdated. I was more than thrilled to be able to have coffee with soy milk, not an easy find in this area.

On the drive back I made Orlando pull over so I could take a photo of the beautiful scenery.

Fall Landscape - Ticonderoga, NY

Fall Landscape – Ticonderoga, NY

We also stopped at a roadside market for some apples and discovered more gorgeous views.

Back at Trout Village we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and enjoyed all of the water amenities on the resort’s small beach on Lake George. We kayaked, took a row boat out, Carlos and Orlando went swimming, and later in the day when our friends from even further up north came to visit we went out in a paddle boat.

My friend, also known here on the blog as my Peace Corps site mate, has two very adorable children. Her son is two and a half and her daughter will be a year this week. Despite the 4+ hours between us we have somehow managed to see each other at least 2-3 times a year although it’s been even more often over the last couple of years. I think this was the fourth time we’ve seen each other this year. We rarely spend a great deal of time making plans because things just seem to fall into place on their own…like this day. The weather could not have been more perfect. The kids all had a great time playing on the beach and in the water. Carlos loves playing with the little ones and I just adore how my friend’s son seems to get excited when he sees Carlos now. Once everyone had enough sun and fun we went to dinner.

By the time we got back to the cabin the temperature had dropped considerably. We got all bundled up and settled in for the night. We had big plans for the next day!

9-22-14 to 9-25-14

Monday, 9-22-14

Morning: Dropped Carlos off at school and started the day with a 3.07 mile run and yoga. I have been to a couple of Margaret’s yoga classes before and she is a powerhouse of energy. She is a blend of confidence, poise, class and calm. She has such a graceful way of presenting her classes. On this day she told us the story of her fish and the theme of the class became moving like fish. It sounds weird, but it lent a different spin on getting into and holding postures. Margaret is tough, but in the most genuinely caring way. She “picked” on me a lot, but I also learned so much.

Afternoon: The rest of the day was busy. I got my hair done, did some errands, ate lunch and before I knew it I was returning to pick up Carlos. We raced down to his old school where he now attends religion class, CCD, a couple of Mondays a month in preparation for his first communion in the spring. He will be making his first communion with his friends from his previous school.

Tuesday, 9-23-14

Morning: Mammogram

Afternoon: Walked 1.66 miles

Evening: Met with my Peace Corps friend, Lili, for dinner in Natick, MA. She just got a job in Kenya and will be leaving in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited for her!! We met at a little vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Green Leaf just off the Mass Pike. I had the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas (From the menu: Sweet and spicy filling of black beans and sweet potatoes wrapped in thinly sliced zucchini, topped with enchilada sauce and baked. Served with avocado and lemon. Drizzled with maple-balsamic glaze.) For dessert we shared a raw vanilla pistachio cake and coconut rice pudding. The food was amazing!

Wednesday, 9-24-14

Morning: I walked 3.5 miles with Kate

Afternoon: My mom came with me to Carlos’ school to pick him up. He stayed late for his first Wilderness Camp. This is an after school program that runs every Wednesday for 8 weeks. They go for nature walks, learn to distinguish different plants and insects, play games, etc.

We went to Carlos’ swimming and diving lessons. Then my mom took Carlos home so I could meet a friend at the coffee shop. My friend Marion actually works on the same unit as the occupational therapist, but we have never seen each other at work. We met at a colleague’s party. Her son was living in Russia at the time and was working for a Russian soccer team as their web master. Orlando and Marion hit it off and started talking soccer. Then Marion and I realized that we shared a love of travel. We get together a few times over the year usually when her son and his family are visiting, but we also try to fit in a couple of evenings where we just get together to gab. It was great to visit with Marion.

Since the weather was perfect I decided beforehand I would run home from the coffee shop which is only 2 miles so my mom dropped me off after swimming. It certainly was ideal running weather, so refreshing and a great way to finish the day.

Thursday, 9-25-14

Morning: Long run day!! Kate and I ran 9 miles in 2:03:54. This is her second long run on our new training schedule. It went amazingly well. Her breathing was no problem and her pace was steady and very consistent throughout the run. We ran at the bike trail so we enjoyed the flatness of the terrain. We ran and talked and the run seemed to take no time at all. I’m so proud of her!!

Afternoon: As if the run wasn’t enough Kate and I decided to get the boys together after school and walk while they played. They light saber battled while we walked the track at the college near her house.

Evening: Packed for our weekend away. Took a short nap before work.


9-19-14 to 9-21-14

Friday, 9-19-14

I brought Carlos to school in the morning and went straight to the dentist. I’ve had Invisalign “clear” braces for almost a year now and this was to be my final set of trays. The problem area, my two front bottom teeth, has resolved quite nicely, but I had to report to my dentist that my bite is still very uneven. We decided I would proceed with three more trays to see if that helps. As anxious as I am to be done with this process, I’m also very grateful to be able to address the issues with my teeth. With no intervention my bottom teeth would have turned inward so much the gums would have been negatively affected and the teeth would have likely come loose.

After the dentist I went to one of my favorite noon Vinyasa classes. Sandra is a newer yoga teacher. She is so sweet and patient. I also love her teaching style. I learn something new each time I attend her class. She loves arm balances and really encourages us to try even if we are unable to get all the way into the pose. I’m convinced I just have too much body to hold up! I keep trying though. Typically the next day I feel like I’ve done a heavy weight lifting session because my arms are so sore.

After school there was a school pizza party. Carlos and I went for a little while, but had to leave early to go to soccer practice. I love his new school and all of the activities designed for the families to become more familiar with one another, but somedays I’m just not all that chatty or interested in pursuing small talk. This happened to be one of those days. I tried striking up a couple of conversations, but they fell flat and eventually I just took to sitting on a bench facing the playground where the kids were playing. People are friendly and nice, but most already know each other. Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to say?

Typically this would be my weekend off, but I took the following weekend off to run the Vermont 50. Although I am no longer running we decided to go away for the weekend anyway. So after soccer practice and dinner I took a little rest before work.

Saturday 9-20-14

I rarely talk about work and I’m not going to drone on about it now, but suffice it to say I had a really crappy night. Each night that passes lately has me wondering why I stay. My resume is done and I’ve put some feelers out. In January the hospital is implementing a time clock system to punch in and out. At that time the 11pm to 7am shift will be required to work 11pm to 7:30am and we will be required to take a 30 minute “lunch” break. When I was hired I was told night shift works until 7am. This has been my saving grace in being able to get Carlos to school. I cannot leave work at 7:30am and get him to school on time. I am so frustrated by this. I mentioned to my boss that I was concerned about it and would probably be forced to quit. She just shrugged! I arrive to work 10 minutes before my shift starts. I never call out (it’s been exactly three years since my rib fracture and that was the last time I called out). I am a hard worker and go above and beyond my job description. But the bottom line is, we are all replaceable. This is probably just the kick in the ass I need to move on.

After work Carlos and I hurried out for an impromptu hike so I could shake off the night. We went to a new place I’ve been dying to try called Lithia Springs. It’s only a few miles from our house and I can’t believe we’ve never been. It was awesome and there’s still so much to explore. We hiked about 3.30 miles in 2 hours. We walked and talked, laughed and goofed around. It was kind of overcast and cool, but it was such a fun morning.


After the hike we picked up our CSA. I got loads of kale, purple potatoes, a big zucchini, tomatoes and a big cabbage. I am going to miss big bundles of organic kale!

Carlos had a soccer game in the afternoon. He plays in-town soccer. No pressure, no crazy parents and no traveling to other towns. Carlos has had a lot of soccer training, but it became clear that he just really doesn’t care for anything too intense so this is perfect for him. He enjoys it and loves being with his friends. I think they won, but honestly I don’t care because it’s supposed to be instructional with the focus on team work.

We chilled out in the afternoon. I went to bed when Orlando came home to get ready for another night of madness.

Sunday, 9-21-14

I left work and went straight to the gym for some strength training. I really could have used a punching bag though. When I got home I asked Carlos to come out for a short run one mile run with me. After all our hiking and his soccer playing the day before he was whining about his legs bothering him. I said we could walk and within about 10 minutes his legs were fine! We ended up doing a walk/run in the rain for a total of 2.16 miles. We even did a sprint to the driveway. He declared himself the winner, but I explained that I was the real winner because instead of one mile he did double.

We got home, relaxed, ate and then it was time for skating. Carlos did a fabulous job. I absolutely love this program he’s in. This was his third week back on the ice after being off for months and the progress is already noticeable. He is starting to skate backwards very smoothly and much more quickly. I’m so impressed with him. Skating backwards is difficult in my opinion. I have a very hard time with it.

It has become somewhat of a ritual for Carlos to go over my mom’s after skating. This gave me time to go grocery shopping, prepare minestrone soup for dinner, prep vegetables for the week, juice some fruits and vegetables and make a pot of quinoa and sprouted lentils to have on hand for the week. I couldn’t believe how much I accomplished in a few hours. Before I knew it I had to leave to pick up Carlos.

We chatted a bit and then played with Photo Booth until Orlando came home and I went to bed. In the spirit of Halloween we had fun with the X-ray setting on Photo Booth:



9-17-14 and 9-18-14

Wednesday, 9-17-14

I met a friend for coffee in the morning after dropping Carlos off to school. This is the mom of a friend of Carlos’ from his old school. I hadn’t seen her all summer so it was great to catch up.

After that I had plans to meet Kate for a long run. It has been so much fun helping her to train for her first half marathon. The summer was really tough for her because of the heat so she scaled back her training. Kate recently mentioned that she was struggling to get her breathing under control so we decided that we would really emphasize breathing this week particularly during the long run. She admitted that she was getting very caught up in her pace/mile and even felt some competition from an acquaintance who just began running.

I think it is so discouraging for new runners to worry about pace. There seems to be a lot of concern about minutes per mile. I had always run alone and was very reluctant to discuss running early on so I really had nothing to compare my time to. There are almost always time goals going into a race, but mine were very personal and private. Running and particularly running races has become much more common. With apps like Map My Run it is easy to view friends’ progress. This can create an unhealthy sense of competition.

To avoid unnecessary stress related to distance and pace we are focusing on overall time running with a goal of working up to a three hour long run before the half marathon. Kate and I ran a very consistent 7.32 miles in 1 hour 42 minutes. The goal was 90 minutes with a slow cool down. Her breathing was in control for most of the run and when it became an issue we took short walk breaks to get it under control. If she continues to train this way I think she is going to exceed her expectations on race day.

For me this is a great opportunity to get back into long runs without any pressure to improve my own time. I am running at Kate’s pace which will also help me to avoid injury during this training. It’s been a fun change running and chatting with a friend. since I’m so accustomed to running alone with music. Honestly the 90 minutes flew by.

Later that afternoon while our boys were at swimming lessons we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to stroll another 2.06 miles around the pond at the college. I’ve been trying to include more walking into my days. I think it’s a great way to include mindful activity that isn’t forced or stressful. I enjoy it alone, but it’s more fun walking and talking with a friend.

Thursday, 9-18-14

I started my morning with a nice 75 minute Vinyasa yoga class. I love yoga and really hope to begin doing it more regularly.

It’s Big E time here in Western Massachusetts! OK I’m not actually that excited about it. The Big E, is said to be the largest fair in the northeast. It opens every September and runs for 17 days. There are buildings dedicated to each of the New England States, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont…no New York is not part of New England! The fair showcases agriculture, animals, musical performances, a midway of rides and games and butter. Yup butter! Each year there is a new butter sculpture on display. Go ahead click on the link to see this year’s butter sculpture, you know you want to! There are also parades including a Mardi Gras style parade where you can catch beaded necklaces. There is an old colonial village you can tour. There are horse shows. The Better Living Center is a mecca of goods including my favorite, the Vitamix demonstration.

However, for most people the big attraction is the food. Each year there is something even more disturbingly unhealthy than last year. It’s not exactly a vegan’s dream dining experience. I definitely do not go for the food, but according to friends and family that love “the fair,” I’m weird! Everyone I know that attends the Big E each year goes for some specific treat or two or three. This year it seems that bacon is the most popular item. Bacon ice cream, chocolate dipped bacon, fried dough topped with maple syrup and bacon, and more I’m sure. If you’re a bbq fanatic you might love the pulled pork parfait. It’s all the fixings plus the pulled pork all in one handy dandy cup! And if you’re feeling particularly undernourished or maybe you just ran a marathon go for something deep fried, anything, literally anything you want like an Oreo, banana, Kool Aid (I don’t get it), peanut butter and jelly, cheesecake or butter. Yup butter…deep fried butter! No not your thing? How about the Craz-E Burger, a bacon cheeseburger served between two halves of a grilled glazed donut. Last but not least you absolutely cannot leave the park without eating a famous Big E Cream Puff.

Not exactly a vegan’s dream dining experience. In fact all I ate was a free packet of dried cranberries. I get the whole YOLO (you only live once) mentality, but I’d be concerned about making it out of the Big E alive if I were some of these folks.




9-15-14 and 9-16-14

Monday, 9-15-14

Because I work nights and don’t sleep until later in the day I basically have my days free to sit on the couch, eat bon bons and watch soap operas to myself now that Carlos is in school full day. Most people are of the opinion that I should sleep during the day, but I’ve only ever done that on rare occasions and I end up sleeping less than I do in the evening. I don’t like it. When Carlos went back to school we decided to just keep things as they were because I felt it worked best for me. However, if Carlos has something important in the evening then I will sleep during the day so I don’t have to miss it.

I have no problem keeping busy and typically have a bunch of things I try to get done each day. One perk of being home during the daytime is that I often get to visit with friends who are also home or I meet other friends on their lunch break from time to time. I encourage meeting up for coffee/tea and then going for a walk or doing some kind of activity to kill two birds with one stone. So on Monday morning my friend Mary picked me up, we grabbed coffees and then walked around Mount Holyoke College gabbing for about an hour and 15 minutes. It was a nice slow stroll as she has knee and back issues.

Back at home I managed to fit in a short body weight strength routine before running (literally) to the library to give blood. The town just built a gorgeous new library almost exactly one mile from my house so I ran there, donated blood and then walked home. The guy manning the snack table was so worried that I would pass out if I ran home he made me promise to walk. I agreed and called my mother on the walk home. It was a positively gorgeous day.

I picked Carlos up from school and went over my friend Kate’s house. The boys wanted to light saber battle before swimming lessons. So we went for a walk to the college while they battled. They settled into their stroke lessons and Kate and I decided to go for another walk around the pond just outside the college’s athletic center. We fit in a little over 2 miles before returning to watch their diving lessons.Carlos is just learning to dive so he’s a little apprehensive. Kate’s son is amazing, dives in like a porpoise with hardly a splash. I love that these kids get out there and give it their all for two hours of lessons!

After swimming the night sped along with dinner, bath and before I knew it I was in bed for a short nap before work.

Tuesday, 9-16-14

Do you ever just feel completely off kilter? Well this was that kind of day. Yoga class was horrible. I was off balance literally and I just felt inadequate and ungraceful. The weather was bitter, grey and dreary in the morning. I came home and sat in front of the space heater which killed me because it’s not even officially fall. I actually managed to get a few financial things done.

Finally I got off my tush and did some body weight strength training. I’m just trying to fit it in when I can, some lunges, squats, ab stuff whenever wherever! The sun came out. I warmed up a bit. So I decided to go for a short run. I ran 3.20 miles in my neighborhood.

I picked up Carlos from school and met my mom at the mall. Carlos went home with her to spend the afternoon. I went home, cleaned up, finished folding laundry and made Carlos’ lunch before going to bed.

It doesn’t sound like a bad day, but I also felt like a black hole when it came to food. I went to bed trying to analyze my chaotic at times eating habits. It’s an uphill battle for me, but I’m determined to win.

I woke up startled thinking I had overslept, but was relieved to see it was only 8:30. I slept for another hour and 15 minutes, got up, showered and got ready for another night of work.


And so are the days of my life…

9-10-14 to 9-14-14

Where do the days go?

Wednesday 9-10-14

I’m starting to get my running mojo back. I decided to run up Mt. Holyoke and then hike my way back down. I ran up the access road to the top rather than the trail because I am still being over cautious about injury. It was an awesome feeling making it to the top. It’s not a huge climb and only about 1.65 miles to the top, but it really gets the heart pumping. I took in the view from the top and then strolled down the trails for a total of 3.15 miles.

Panoramic from the top of Mt. Holyoke

Panoramic from the top of Mt. Holyoke

I practiced a little trail running on flat stretches of trail. It was a leisurely hike down. As I was getting close to my car I greeted an older man who was walking his little furry white dog. The dog was bounding along quite happily. We said hello and then the man informed me that 6 months ago the dog was paralyzed! I said well she’s made a remarkable recovery and now I can tell you all about the dog, the man’s daughter who lives in Maine, his workout schedule, etc. People love to share their stories with me! This summer at our favorite little local lake, Carlos ran into a friend from school. When I walked down the small beach to get him to go home I met his friend’s grandmother and her friend. The grandmother’s friend suddenly began explaining that she was wearing a big floppy beach hat because she was in menopause and taking hormones and didn’t want to get a sunburn. I learned all about her daughter who was a new Chemistry teacher and more about menopause. It’s amazing what people will share!

Later in the afternoon I had a phone call to make and I was doing some computer work at a coffee shop near the bike trail. It was a gorgeous day out so I decided to walk and talk. I was surprised that I ended up walking 4.35 miles. I moved for a total of 7.5 miles.

Thursday 9-11-14

I have been itching to do a long run, something more than 5 miles. I had plans to run with my friend Kate, the one I will be running with in the Baystate Half Marathon next month. However, things didn’t work out quite as planned. I left the house and decided to run in her direction. I ran 4.47 miles before meeting up with her as she got delayed by a couple of unplanned issues. We then did some hill work and a mini boot camp of lunges, squats and tricep dips. The weather was really undecided, it was grey and gloomy, but a bit muggy and breezy. Rain was imminent and of course as we headed back to do more hill work it began raining. We decided to just get back on the road and run to my house. Luckily the rain fizzled out.  I ran another 4.04 miles for a total of 8.51 miles!

Back at my house we indulged in a little homemade facial. I made a face scrub out of almond oil and coconut sugar which smells divine! We cleansed our faces with my new Beauty Counter cleanser and then did the scrub. My skin felt so nice and smooth!

Little known fact…I really wanted to be an esthetician when I was in high school. I used to practice doing facials on my friends and family. I was so interested in it my mom took me to the Elizabeth Grady School in Boston for a tour and informational session. Of course once my friends started looking into colleges I wanted to do the same. I am still interested in skin care, but these days I am more interested in how to care for the skin as naturally as possible by eliminating chemically laden products in exchange for more natural organic remedies. Something tells me at some point my career path might come full circle.

Friday 9-12-14

I have been itching to get back into strength training. I hit the gym after bringing Carlos to school. I didn’t have much time, but managed to fit in a good 45 minute session including a quick warm up on the bike. I am aiming for one day a week at the gym.

Later I met my oldest and dearest childhood friend for lunch. It was a belated birthday lunch for me. It’s always nice to catch up with her as we don’t see each other too often. She is a busy nurse practitioner with 4 sons! She had 3 of her boys long before I had Carlos. As kids we used to talk about how we would live next door to each other in California and have children at the same time. Well by the time I got pregnant with Carlos I figured that dream was long gone. Ironically she got pregnant a few months later with her fourth son. Carlos and Domenic are great friends and although they don’t see each other often they act as though no time has passed when they do get together just like their moms. Now I just have to figure out how we are going to live next door to each other in California!

Saturday 9-13-14

I brought Carlos to soccer practice in the morning and went for a run while he was there. It was a really enjoyable 4.36 mile run. After practice we went home so I could shower. We picked up our farm share, went to Barnes & Noble to pick up a gift card for a birthday party that afternoon and back home for lunch.

The birthday party was for one of Carlos’ new school friends. He loves to dance and takes dance lessons. His mom said he really wanted a dance birthday party so the studio let him have the party there. The two dance instructors spent about a half hour teaching the group of kids a short dance to one of the songs in the most recent Muppets movie. Then the kids performed the dance for us. They had cake and ice cream in the lobby area before going back into the dance room for another performance. The dance instructors put other music on and led the kids in a little freestyle dance party. It was nice to see the boys participating too and having so much fun. My husband is a great dancer and Carlos has inherited the natural rhythm that every Mozambican boy seems to be born with thankfully!

Sunday 9-14-14

I ran 4.40 miles at my happy place, Ashley Reservoir, for a much needed run after work. At home I whipped up my favorite black bean and corn salad for an afternoon barbecue. Carlos had skating at 11:30. At 1:30 all went to the barbecue at the house of one of his class mates later in the afternoon. This new school is very small. There is a strong sense of community. This family invited the entire class over to get to know the families. The teacher and one teaching assistant also came. It was a beautiful afternoon. There was tons of homemade food. The company was enjoyable. It was so nice to chat with everyone, get to know the parents and kids a little better and make ourselves more visible. Carlos is settling in very nicely and we are beyond thrilled with the transformation we have seen in him in the short time he’s been back at school.

We love Montessori and what it is doing for Carlos, but we are quickly becoming aware that not everyone shares our enthusiasm. At soccer practice a boy from Carlos’ old school told him that his mom won’t let him go to Montessori because they let you learn whatever you want to and that’s not right. There have also been a few quips made to me by parents about the lack of structure in a Montessori classroom. I don’t say too much other than to encourage people to visit a Montessori school before criticizing. I tend to preface any discussion about Carlos’ new school with, “Montessori school is not appropriate for all children, but it is a great fit for Carlos.”

So how was your week/weekend?


9-6-14 to 9-9-14

Slow down September!

Saturday, 9-6-14

Remember sleepovers? Well I woke up to the sound of Carlos and his friend Tyler belting out Gangnam Style from the massive fort they made in the living room. It was about 6 a.m.

First order of business was to run to the farm to grab our farm share. It’s a half share and I am able to select my own produce.


Farm Share: Napa cabbage, Swiss chard, arugula, summer squash and tomatoes

Farm Share: Napa cabbage, Swiss chard, arugula, summer squash and tomatoes

The boys had a soccer training at 10:45.  It was blazing hot, but they got through it. We met Tyler’s mom and brother for lunch after and then we all went apple picking. It was the very first day of picking at Dickinson’s Farm in neighboring Granby, MA. Here are few photos of our afternoon outing.

The rest of Saturday was unplanned. I helped my friend unpack and organize. They just moved into her mom’s house. I love organizing! It’s much more fun with a friend. I think we got quite a bit accomplished. Carlos and Tyler played zombie hunters for hours. We all ate pizza for dinner and then walked to the town commons for frozen yogurt and coffee. Awesome day!

Sunday 9-7-14

Carlos had his first skating session of the new season. This is his third year in the Learn to Skate program. He can obviously skate by now, but has no interest in playing hockey. He was apprehensive about joining because he said he wouldn’t know anyone since all of his skating buddies moved on to hockey, but said he wanted to do it. Well he was pretty aggravated about going Sunday morning and gave me attitude on the way there. At the end of the lesson he was beaming from ear to ear. He said, “mom the coaches love me. They all remember me and the main coach told me that I could help out with the new skaters. It was awesome!”

I’m so proud of Carlos. He is an only child and often does things alone. I could care less if he ever plays hockey. I think knowing how to ice skate is a great skill on its own. He’s a decent skater. He can maneuver stick and puck thanks to these lessons. The most important thing is that he is out there moving his body, getting a little physical activity and he will most certainly make new skating friends.

I emailed the coach the next day to let him know how his kind words had affected Carlos. I thanked him for the hard work he and all of the coaches put into the program and for instilling confidence in the children. This program is phenomenal. It is extremely well organized. The kids learn quickly, but skills are reinforced each week. It is also a serious bargain at $99. It runs from September through March. At the end the kids are awarded trophies and a certificate. Each Monday we receive an email from the head coach explaining the drills that were taught, information on what is to come in the program and a lot of encouraging words about the progress the kids are making.

Monday 9-8-14

After a busy, eventful night at work I just wanted to run. I didn’t care how long or how far. I simply wanted to run. So I dropped Carlos off at school and took off from there. I’m enjoying new running routes around his new school. It’s in an area I really love and I welcome the change of scenery. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sky was clear and it was not too warm.




I ended up running 5.56 miles at a rather decent pace. This is one of my longest runs since the injury. I felt amazing! I’m excited to start building up my mileage again.

I felt a surge of productivity and dug into to my basement project at last. I started organizing the things I will sell at a tag sale and made a throw away pile. I got quite a bit done for the first day.

Monday afternoon Carlos had swimming lesson at Mount Holyoke College. This is also a fabulous program. It runs three weeks in the fall and three weeks in the spring. It serves as a fundraiser for the swim team. The girls on the team teach the children strokes. Carlos already knew how to swim when he started last fall, but the improvement in his strokes was phenomenal. He is usually with his friend Tyler and one instructor so it’s almost like a private lesson. This session he is also doing diving lessons because he wanted to be able to swim in the “hot tub!” The diving pool is heated. So far he loves the diving lessons too.

Carlos is not a competitive kid. My goal is to expose him to a little bit of everything without putting any pressure on him. This fall he is doing ice skating on Sundays, swimming for three weeks and he is playing on a local in-town soccer team with his friends. These are all things he enjoys doing. I want him to stay active, but at the same time I want him to have fun while learning new skills.

Tuesday, 9-9-14 

I had coffee with a nurse friend. We actually never worked together, but I got to know her a little bit when I trained on the cardiac unit. She is no longer working at the same hospital, but we are friends on Facebook and have very similar interests particularly in places we travel. She is a wonderful nurse, very intelligent and dedicated. She is going through a transition in her career and I am beginning to think about transitioning out of the hospital myself. It was nice to chat with her about nursing and pick her brain on different things I should think about.

In the evening Orlando and I went to Back to School Night at Carlos’ new school. I’m even more certain that we made the right decision to send Carlos to a Montessori school. It was a tremendously informative event. I learned so much about what Carlos does each day. It is a very interesting environment that promotes learning, respect, kindness, cooperation and independence. Carlos is still loving his school days. He anxiously awaits Mondays during the weekend!

Since my mom was babysitting for Carlos we took advantage of the opportunity to go out to dinner afterwards. Orlando and I haven’t had a date in ages. We went across the street to a local favorite, Mission Cantina. The laid back atmosphere inside is no indication of the fabulous food. The guacamole was perfect. My request for a vegan friendly dish was easily accommodated and I was treated to delicious grilled vegetable enchiladas verdes. Orlando went with the traditional chicken molé. It was nice to sit back and catch up a bit.

9-4-14 and 9-5-14

Have you seen Patrick the world’s oldest and largest wombat? Well now you have. Your welcome! Creepy or cute? I’m camp creepy.

Patrick the giant Wombat

Patrick the giant Wombat

On Sunday, Carlos and I hit up a spot I’ve wanted to hike for ages. These our photos from our hike at Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA. It was about an hour away from where we live. The rocks in the chasm are like a little boy’s dream playground. We had a blast climbing rocks and hiding in the crevices. We even found a geocache on one of the trails above the chasm. At the entrance of the park is a really nice playground for the kids.

Yesterday I went for a nice run after bringing Carlos to school. I finally turned on my Map My Run app to track my mileage for the first time in ages. I’m running in a new area and wanted to have an idea of how far some of the routes are that I’ve been running. I was pleasantly surprised with my pace. It’s not quite as slow as I feel. So that was great!

Then I hit up my favorite Vinyasa yoga class. There were only 3 of us. I love the instructor. I move along at my own pace and just keep trying to improve on my poses. Savasana is hands down my favorite part! I swear it’s the best rest I get some days. I always feel like it’s been hours when in reality it’s really only 5-8 minutes.

After yoga it was time for a delicious almond milk latte at my favorite local cafee, a pedicure and girl talk with my friend Mary. This happened…

Blue sparkly pedi

Blue sparkly pedi

I’m usually much more of a plain Jane pink toenail polish kind of a girl, but I decided to go into fall with a bang.

In the afternoon Carlos and I had an impromptu mom and son date starting with our town’s Farmer’s Market. After tasting these we bought two seasoning sauces from locally based Tortured Orchard. They are amazing. Carlos had the Sweet Apple Blush on his waffle this morning.

Tortured Orchards

Locally made Lemon Ginger Twist and Sweet Apple Blush seasoning sauces

After the Farmer’s Market we had a bite to eat at Autentica Mexican Food. A veggie burrito for me, one to go for Orlando and kids quesadillas for him. We ran into friends from swimming lessons, chatted away with them, ate and then popped into the Odyssey Bookstore next door. I could look at books all day. I asked the woman who was working what her favorite books have been recently and she told me about two of her favorites, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman and “The Dog Stars” by Peter Heller. I’m reading Harry Potter 2 as I mentioned and my friend Mary just gave me the book “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman. So many books, not enough time!

I received a fun delivery in the mail yesterday. We got our concert tickets for Angelique Kidjo.

Angelique Kidjo Tickets

Angelique Kidjo Tickets

It will be Carlos’ first real concert. We are excited to expose him to an amazing African artist, Angelique Kidjo from Benin in West Africa. If you’ve never heard of her you might have heard her voice as she has collaborated with Dave Matthews and Carlos Santana.

Iwoya, Angelique Kidjo and Dave Matthews

Adouma, Angelique Kidjo and Carlos Santana

We’ve seen her once before and she is incredible. In October she is coming to UMass Amherst and the day before she will be participating in a talk at Mount Holyoke College which is in my town. The talk is being moderated by my friend’s husband who is a music professor at Mount Holyoke. I am really looking forward to both events.

After working 8 nights in a row I was appropriately exhausted by last night. Carlos and I read together in his bed for a little bit. He was reading his new Jedi Academy book from our trip to the Odyssey. He lives, sleeps, eats and breathes Star Wars. I am reading Harry Potter 2. Carlos and I are reading the series together and he is much further along so I’m trying to catch up.

What are you reading?


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